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Director's Desk


As the Director of the school, I have been exceedingly fortunate in working closely with many a distinguished personalities and learning from each and every one of them.We have now reached this echelon because of the teamwork and the spirit of camaraderie.

Beyond the goals of literacy, schools play a role as agents of change in a world of social injustice by inculcating in students qualities of selfless generosity, loving concern for others along with the capacity of true and enduring loyalty, moral courage, integrity, hard work and honesty. This has been the unwritten curriculum that has functioned as the underlying basis for the type of education imparted here, creating an environment so congenial and unique which everyone is proud of.

One is ever hopeful that while the structural appearance of Sharda Sr. Sc. School may continue to keep changing, the spirit that animates it will remain enduring.

My best wishes to the students and teachers who have been a part of this journey towards perfection in imparting education.

Mr. Banwari Lal Kumawat

Mr. Banwari lal Kumawat


Sharda Sr.Sc. School, Losal